Amy is a Colorado native, animal lover, SUP enthusiast, and a believer that Yoga is for EVERY BODY. She’s been teaching since 2016.

Jen Hicks

“Consider your steady breath a permission slip to advance.” I’m a full time professional yoga teacher (ERYT-500 Forrest/Power/Vinyasa) thousands of hours of training from the world’s most respected yogis. I lead classes, workshops, training, and retreats throughout the world. Let’s practice together!


Teaching lights Meg up and it is her true passion. Initially, Meg began practicing yoga to balance out many years of intense soccer training but it evolved into a more meaningful practice. She is eager to share with students all that yoga has taught her – dedication to the present moment, the importance of mindful energetic movements, and the benefits beyond the physical practice. Meg looks forward to sharing all-level creative flows that challenge the mind and body, in an intentional but playful way.


As a mama of two kids and a teacher by profession, yoga has always been a safe place for me to make connections between mind and body. Over the past 17 years my personal practice has evolved and I hope to share the benefits of yoga with you through vinyasa and restorative yoga.


For almost two decades Libby has used yoga to improve her own quality of life. Now as a Yoga teacher she offers the same opportunity to her students through flow yoga, allowing you to improve your posture and balance. She will help you apply yoga to your dally living – how you stand, sit, and move in the world.


Yoga is a way of life to Sarah – prioritizing breath, present moment awareness, and alignment to our true nature are daily practices. In her class, you will experience a meditative space, physical challenge, and leave more connected than when you arrived.


Kim was initially drawn to yoga during her earlier years as a ballet dancer, but it wasn’t until later that she soon discovered there was so much more to yoga than just a good workout and laying in savasana at the end of class.

Her classes are upbeat and challenging, but also with a focus on meditation, breathwork and trying to quiet the inner “monkey mind” that we all experience on a daily basis. She wants you to experience the calm sense you feel at the end of yoga class all throughout your day and to be able to have the skills to tap into this on your own when needed.


I care deeply about my students linking their bodies, minds, and souls to create a holistic and well rounded sequence where growth happens within and seeps to the physical practice. I find that physical adjustments are crucial in just about all environments. My favorite style to teach is a deep, nourishing, intuitive flow- where students have the space, direction and desire to indulge in movement through embodiment with passion and intuition of what their three total bodies crave. I love to teach Hatha Yoga with a heavy pull from Iyengar.