Yoga is a way of life to Sarah – prioritizing breath, present moment awareness, and alignment to our true nature are daily practices. In her class, you will experience a meditative space, physical challenge, and leave more connected than when you arrived.


Kim was initially drawn to yoga during her earlier years as a ballet dancer, but it wasn’t until later that she soon discovered there was so much more to yoga than just a good workout and laying in savasana at the end of class.

Her classes are upbeat and challenging, but also with a focus on meditation, breathwork and trying to quiet the inner “monkey mind” that we all experience on a daily basis. She wants you to experience the calm sense you feel at the end of yoga class all throughout your day and to be able to have the skills to tap into this on your own when needed.


I care deeply about my students linking their bodies, minds, and souls to create a holistic and well rounded sequence where growth happens within and seeps to the physical practice. I find that physical adjustments are crucial in just about all environments. My favorite style to teach is a deep, nourishing, intuitive flow- where students have the space, direction and desire to indulge in movement through embodiment with passion and intuition of what their three total bodies crave. I love to teach Hatha Yoga with a heavy pull from Iyengar.


Carlie was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but has been fortunate enough to call Colorado home since 2009. She’s been teaching barre fitness since 2017 and has led over 1k group classes which shows in her ability and dedication to provide an intentional, energizing, alignment-focused class. Her teaching style is both accessible and challenging for all students alike. Expect smiles, encouragement and a vibin’ playlist in every one of her classes.


Leesa’s goals as a teacher are to help people strengthen their bodies and minds so they can keep doing the things they love and start doing things they never thought they could. In addition to her passion for yoga, Leesa also enjoys creative projects, working in the community, backpacking, snowboarding, cooking, gardening, trying local restaurants, and traveling.


An avid practitioner since 2005, he has enjoyed practicing a wide range of Yogic philosophies including Ashtanga, Dharma, Iyengar, and Forrest Yoga. Laughter enlivens the mind and relaxes the body, cultivating a sense of joy/ fun within the practice is an integral part of his teachings. Classes are light-hearted and uplifting, expect to leave refreshed, rejuvenated, and revitalized; your smile will tell the whole story.


Michelle was trained and began teaching in 2011. To move, breathe, and become empowered through this practice can stimulate peace, self love, and acceptance. Michelle’s goal is to create as much access to this in the classes that she teaches. She is also a licensed acupuncturist, so references to meridians, emotional properties of internal organs, and references to the seasons and how our bodies align with them, are infused in her classes as well.


Claire is an E-RYT 500 hour who has been teaching since 2011. Her teaching style is slow and deliberate with creative sequencing, precise cueing, and optional hands on assists. She hopes to support students in discovering their inner strength, self-acceptance, and wisdom through movement, awareness, and breath.


For Liz, both practicing and teaching yoga means fostering community, nurturing bodies, and encouraging, laughing, and learning among like-minded individuals. Liz has completed her 500 hr RYT blending styles of Hatha, Vinyasa, and Ashtanga yoga into her teaching. She believes in building a strong foundation for her students based on alignment principles. Her classes often include breath work, dynamic movements, and challenging transitions.