Flow, as a force for all your life.

Flow is a transcendental state that allows us to move freely through life’s challenges, with focused energy and enjoyment.
Joining Flow Yoga is more than accessing the life-changing power of asanas and breath, you’re getting a practice that’ll supercharge your entire life.

Come flow with us.

Vinyasa + Yin Yoga classes to end your day. Accessible for all levels, this class blends vinyasa and relaxing and stretching yin yoga postures into a perfect practice.

Flow and Yin Yoga

All levels welcome to this heated (85-90 degrees) yoga class flowing through a traditional Vinyasa style class to energetic music. Detoxify, stretch, and rejuvenate your body in this 60 minute class.

Flow Yoga

This class will be warm, not heated. Class is intended for all levels and will still be similar format, just not as hot as other Flow classes.

Low Heat Flow

Ready to take your practice further? This class is intended for the more experienced yogi who knows the basic poses and wants to learn the next layer in their yoga practice.

Level 2 Yoga

Yoga Sculpt is a great for creating more strength and endurance. We will flow as we do in class but add in weight intervals, cardio movement, and core work as well. Suited for all levels

Sculpt + Yoga

About Flow
Yoga's practice

We offer Vinyasa/Power style yoga classes that are heated for all levels. We incorporate the heat to encourage the muscles to stretch, as well as flow through our practice to energetic music. Lavender towels will greet you on your mat for your rest and relaxation at the end.

Our packages are flexible like us.

Yoga is a practice. Like anything in life, you‘re free to choose the level of investment that fits your goals and lifestyle.

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We love to grow the Flow Yoga Family. And to prove that, we’re offering you 2 weeks of unlimited yoga for only $50. Try as many classes as you like!


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When will we see you at Flow?

The flow teachers family

Meet our Flow teachers who embody the beautiful spirit of yoga.


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with Suzanne Hauserman in Cinigiano, Italy

October 13, 2018 - October 20, 2018

October 2018, come join me in the beautiful Tuscan hills of Italy and explore with daily adventures, hikes, and yoga. Health, nature, rest, great food and wine...what more could you ask for! - Suzanne Hauserman

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Great Sand Dunes & Hot Springs Yoga+Hiking Adventure

Flow Yoga Adventures Suzanne and Jeremy

July 11, 2019 - July 14, 2019

Colorado, the land of color, has so much beauty and adventure! Join us for this special 3 day weekend to explore Crestone, the Great Sand Dunes, and the surrounding Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Your adventure will include daily guided yoga and local hikes, hot springs, and plenty of down time to rest or book a massage (not included in cost). Vegetarian, Vegan, and Dietary Restrictions will be accommodated.

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6945 Indiana Court - Suite # 100
Arvada, CO 80007
Located next to MBS Crossfit II

We have experience working around the world.

Flow Yoga Studio

Phone: 303.478.6265

6945 Indiana Court - Suite # 100
Arvada, CO 80007
Located next to MBS Crossfit II

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Find us here, and find yourself. We‘re always happy to hear from you and connect with our community.

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  • This Sunday! Halloween themed family yoga with @mayarae1 Maya Brook at Flow Sunday (Oct 21) @ 4-4:45pm.  Ages 3+ welcome with a family member ($20). Additional members welcome to  join for $10.  Class limited so sign up today! We have extra mats if you need one to borrow. Www.flow-YogaStudio.com for more info or link in bio on Instagram
  • Our weekly challenge is such a great one, we thought we’d share some ideas whether you’re in it or not. “Creating a welcoming, healthy home is important. Your home should be your place of rejuvenation and relaxation. Be sure to separate work from home by keeping work areas in a room you can close off to the rest of your area. Deep clean the kitchen and make it a haven for food prepping and enjoyment. Organize your things and dispose of the junk you no longer need. Bring in the outdoors and play with your lighting to better reflect the natural cycle of the day.”
  • #whyiyoga ”For mental and physical grounding in a really busy and fluid life. To slow down, be present, and increase strength.” ~Jaleh  Our yoga practice is unique to us, but we all share similar reasons.  Thank you @jalehjean for reminding us! Schedule at www.flow-YogaStudio.com or link in bio 🎨 mural by @gusharperart
  • A beautiful night with @soundyogastudios! Katena, earth gong, singing bowls, flutes...heaven! Can’t wait to have Susan back #katena #singingbowl #soundmeditation #healingsounds
  • This Saturday night, 6:30pm! Don’t miss this amazing co-taught class with Suzanne @suzannehaus and Susan @haid.susan . We begin with a 45 min warm vinyasa flow class, followed immediately by Susan’s sound meditation utilizing singing bowls and instruments.  Not to be missed! Plus 1 more day of early bird- book by Wednesday to save $$. Register at www.flow-YogaStudio.com or link in IG profile. Questions? Post here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻. #arvada #yoga #soundmeditation @arvada.co.local @arvada.now
  • #whyiyoga Colleen, a competitive masters swimmer and runner started yoga with us. Here’s her why: “I started 2 years ago not sure what I was getting into or really even why, other than people said it was good for you! I started with one class and now consistently attend 4 classes a week. The benefits to the core is more than I ever expected. I thought it would help flexibility for swimming and running, which it has but the strength gained is more than I bargained for!!!” #yogarunner #yogaforathletes
  • Lunchtime yogis! Join Kristen Wednesday’s at 12 now on the regular schedule @mntnmermade
  • 🍂 Happy fall 🍁 Get outside and go #leafpeeping