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Flow, as a force for all your life.

Flow is a transcendental state that allows us to move freely through life’s challenges, with focused energy and enjoyment.
Joining Flow Yoga is more than accessing the life-changing power of asanas and breath, you’re getting a practice that’ll supercharge your entire life.

Come flow with us.

A Gentle Yoga class to relax in. Accessible for all levels, this class blends restorative and relaxing yoga postures into a perfect practice utilizing bolsters, and blocks to help you settle in and let go of your day.

Restorative Yoga: Slow Flow

All levels welcome to this heated (85-90 degrees) yoga class flowing through a traditional Vinyasa style class to energetic music. Detoxify, stretch, and rejuvenate your body in this 60 minute class.

Flow Yoga

This class is streamed online as well as in class and begins with a Vinyasa Flow practice and ends with a guided breathwork and/or meditation.

Flow + Meditate

Ready to take your practice further? This class is intended for the more experienced yogi who knows the basic poses and wants to learn the next layer in their yoga practice.

Level 1 + 2 Yoga

Yoga Sculpt & Barre Burn are great for creating more strength and endurance. We will flow as we do in class but add in weight intervals, cardio movement, and core work as well in Sculpt. Barre is low impact, with small plyometric moves to burn and isolate muscle groups. Suited for all levels

Sculpt + Barre

A combination of Flow to warm up, and Yin Yoga to deepen into poses. Low heat. Props used to help support all bodies.

Flow + Yin

Yin Yoga is a gentle and relaxing all-level class that works deeply into the connective tissues and joints of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine and is suitable to all levels of students through extended holds of postures. This is a great class for beginners or advance students looking for a restful class.

Yin Yoga

A dynamic, breath-guided flow class. The class moves through a progressive series of postures/patterns. Flows are intuitive and intelligently designed to help find energetic alignment. Breath and Flow facilitates finding flow-state while cultivating mobility, conditioning, and resiliency.

Breath & Flow

About Flow
Yoga's practice/

We offer Vinyasa/Power style yoga classes that are heated (80-85 degrees) for all levels. We incorporate the heat to encourage the muscles to stretch, as well as flow through our practice to energetic music. Lavender towels will greet you on your mat for your rest and relaxation at the end.

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Yoga is a practice. Like anything in life, you‘re free to choose the level of investment that fits your goals and lifestyle.

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We offer in person classes in the studio.

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Meet our Flow teachers who embody the beautiful spirit of yoga.

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Acupuncture & Yoga Fusion Class

October 14, 2023 -

Shifting into the season of fall brings yin energy into our everyday lives. This workshop will support easeful transitions from the hot, fiery, yang energy of summertime, into a more balanced yin and yang state of being. The workshop will be 2 hours long & include the following: 1- Hand written intention setting *Bring a pen, notebook, and an optional 1-3 items that are meaningful to you, to enhance your space as you practice 60 minutes of asana practice which will be a combination of vinyasa and yin styles. *Bring your yoga mat! 2- Guided mediations inspired by Traditional Chinese Medical theory. 3- An acupuncture session provided during an extended savasana. *if you prefer not to be needled, Michelle is happy to use essential oils on the chosen acupuncture points to stimulate their energetics, without the needles. Saturday✨ 10/14/23 ✨ 12:30 ✨ Flow Yoga Studio Cost: $65.00 Max 15 people (min 7) About Michele: New mamma, new last name, Michelle is so happy to be back on her mat at Flow, and back to teaching after having a new little baby. She is a local acupuncturist who is inspired by the seasons, holistic wellness, and family. She whole heartedly believes in empowering those around her & never stops learning.



Flow Book Club

A Monthly Meet Up

October 24, 2023 -

Love to read? Join our community for a yoga based book selection and meet in the studio to discuss and deepen our understanding together. All welcome! No cost, just a desire to gather and learn. Time: 7:15pm at Flow Yoga Studio October book selection: Breath by James Nestor

Special Events

Reiki & Restorative Yoga

Lead with Mary

October 28, 2023 -

Embrace the magic of Halloween and reconnect with your ancestral roots 🌙 Join us for a transformative journey of inner healing and celebrate the elemental forces that surround us. Dive into restorative poses, harnessing the soothing power of Reiki energy, as we honor the harvest and give thanks to Mother Earth for her abundant blessings. Let's come together to create a sacred space where ancient traditions meet modern wellness, and where healing flows like a gentle autumn breeze. Cost: $35


ANTIGUA, GUATEMALA: A Cultural Experience

Explore the Colonial city, Experience Dias de Todos Los Santos, Textiles, Volcano hike and more!

October 28, 2023 - November 3, 2023

With its Baroque architecture and thriving textile scene, this former colonial capital is among Central America’s most beguiling destinations. Join us for a special 6 day Cultural Adventure to explore Antigua, Guatemala! We have always loved visiting this town before our retreat to Lake Atitlan and feel it deserves its own trip. Our trip also lands on one of the most excting times in Guatemala; Day of the Saints/ Sumpango Kite Festival where we get to experience this Mayan tradition first hand. With its towering volcanoes, architectural history, vibrant patterned textiles, and open air markets, Antigua is considered one of the most enticing cities in Central America. We'll explore the booming coffee scene, dine at some of the most delicious farm to table restaurants, learn the technique of textile dyeing, make our own Guatemalan jade jewelry, learn how to prepare a traditional dish, and even hike a Volcano! This is an easy trip to add on to our Lake Atitlan retreat, or just come and explore Antigua with us. If individuals would like to stay in Guatemala and need assistance coordinating activities or transportation to other areas we are happy to assist. Transportation to the airport is included in the price of the trip. Group size limited to 12 max



200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Lead by Suzanne, Leda, Courtney, and Susie

January 24, 2024 - April 21, 2024

Flow Yoga Studio 200-hour offers a well-rounded in person training experience including lecture, discussion, practical application, and experiential learnings. It is an encouraging and challenging program that meets the needs of many learning styles. The Flow Yoga Studio 200-hour training aims to not only be sure trainees are able to convey a 60-minute power vinyasa sequence, but that they do so in their own voice and style. We teach clear and concise cuing with a focus on inclusive language and modifications to be sure all students abilities are met. Flow Yoga YTT is committed to offering aspects of yoga that are necessary to have a well rounded understanding of yoga tradition as well as innovation to best serve our time and culture. Philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology, and personal development anchor the instruction of yoga teaching.


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