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Welcome to Flow Yoga, your sanctuary for wellness and self-discovery. Here, yoga is more than just poses and breathwork; it’s a transformative journey that nurtures the soul, strengthens the body, and stills the mind.

As you flow through each asana, you’ll uncover a deeper connection with your inner self, inviting tranquility, balance, and vitality into your life.

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“So many different types and times of classes! So grateful for a nearby yoga home! Everyone has been so kind, gentle and friendly. Great for new and experienced students :heart:

Lara A.

“This is the best yoga studio I have ever practiced.  All the instructors I have had are so incredible. Many different classes and options. I cannot recommend Flow highly enough.”

Jay L.

“Wonderful, welcoming space. This studio has something for everyone. Excellent teachers. The heated element can really help deliver an intense workout if that’s what you’re after. There’s such a great variety that you can’t go wrong at Flow!!”

Jamie S.

“Wonderful heated yoga in West Arvada. Competent & friendly teachers read the class’ needs well and provide instruction accordingly. ‘All level’ classes are challenging and truly for all levels with modifications.  Love that their schedule offers early AM during the week and even 8am Sunday.”

W. M.

Meet your Teachers

  • Lianna

    TEACHING STYLE: I hope to provide well rounded classes that…

  • Kayla

    Kayla is a Yoga Teacher who enjoys teaching powerful flows,…

  • Gina

    Gina believes that we must feed our body, mind, and…

  • Taylor

    In Taylor’s classes, she curates a space where mindfulness takes…

  • Emily

    Emily is a yoga teacher and Pilates instructor. She is…

  • Erin E

    Erin is a certified yoga, pilates and group fitness instructor…

  • Katie C

    I have been teaching small group fitness in the Denver…

  • Amy

    Flow Yoga Teacher

  • Kela

    Flow Yoga Teacher

  • Jen Hicks

    Flow Yoga Teacher

  • Meg

    Flow Yoga, Deep Stretch Teacher

  • Lyndsey

    Flow Yoga Teacher

  • Libby

    Flow Yoga Teacher

  • Sarah

    Flow Yoga Teacher

  • Sam

    Flow Yoga Teacher

  • Nate

    Slow Flow, Candlelight, Level 1/2

  • Leesa

    Flow Teacher, Level 1/ 2, Inversions Workshop

  • Marc

    Flow Teacher, Level 1/ 2, Inversions Workshop

  • Michelle

    Flow Teacher, Level 1/ 2, Inversions Workshop

  • Claire

    Slow Flow, Restorative, Flow Teacher

  • Liz

    Flow Teacher, Level 1/ 2, Inversions Workshop

  • Susie R

    Deep Strech, Cosmic Harmony teacher

  • Anjali

    Flow + Yin Yoga Teacher

  • LT

    Flow Yoga, Level 2 Teacher

  • Leda O

    Flow Yoga Teacher

  • Jen Horton

    Flow + Meditate

  • Fay

    Flow Yoga, Deep Stretch Teacher

  • Danielle

    Flow Teacher

  • Suzanne

    Owner, Flow teacher

  • Christine

    Flow, & Yin Yoga Teacher