Flow Yoga is now offering streamed classes online

Special Offer

New students, 2 weeks for $35

What to wear

New Yogis should wear athletic clothing: men in running/athletic shorts with a tank or tshirt that won’t bother you when you are taking a fold. Women can wear yoga pant/athletic shorts and a tank or t-shrit that won’t hang over their head in a fold or down dog

What to bring

Bring a mat if you have one, but if not we have some you can borrow for class till you get one.
Bring a water bottle; we don’t sell them but do have a water filtration system you can use to fill up your bottle before or after class
Bring a hand towel or full length towel if you tend to get sweaty or hands slip. Again, we have small hand towels we can lend you if you forget.

What class do I sign up for?

As a beginner, you can sign up for any class marked Flow- All levels. Introduce yourself as a beginner to your teacher so they can guide you around the studio and in class make you comfortable.
You can also come to Monday’s Slow & Let Go, or any Sculpt+Yoga classes to gain strength for your yoga classes.

Do I have to pay now?

To minimize touch/contact at the studio, you will need to pay ahead for your class at this time. We can help you with the next step options at the studio, and what package is best for you going forward.